Newport Tour & Guide specializes in private guided tours of Newport, Rhode Island.
Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with thirty–five friends, Newport Tour & Guide offers an experience that is both relaxing and informative, providing a rare insight into this historic City by the Sea. Our guides are all local, well trained, and have a prodigious knowledge of Newport history.
Our private tours include over a dozen opportunities to stop and visit historical sites, not just drive by. Our special license allows us unlimited versatility in both our tours and routes, and we can stop at a moment's notice for photography, culinary delights, rest stops, or shopping, wherever and whenever our clients wish. If there's someplace you want to spend more time, it's your tour, and your choice.
Our tours

Choose from one of our suggested tours or customize your own
  • Cliff Walk Tour

    3 Hours
    Cliff Walk Tour
    3 Hours
    On this tour, we'll take you from Newport's successful colonial days to the turn of the 20th century when Newport reigned supreme as the queen of American resorts. We'll spend one hour walking along Newport's famed “Cliff Walk” where you'll be able to see the front of many of the Newport mansions on one side, and the Atlantic ocean on the other. After your walk we'll tour one of these magnificent homes then continue along the avenue and out onto Ocean Drive. Includes admission to your choice of The Breakers, Marble House, Rosecliff, Chateau Sur Mer, The Elms, or Chepstow.
  • Queen of Resorts Tour

    3 Hours
    Queen of Resorts Tour
    3 Hours
    Newport was the summering place for America's wealthiest and most influential families, all of whom brought their talent, time, treasures, and thirst for the fine arts. Once known as the Queen of Resorts, Newport has the densest collection of grand homes in America, designed by the greatest architects of the time. On this tour, we will take a drive along our famous Ocean Drive, see Bellevue Avenue and share Newport's history, with an emphasis on the interesting stories of these “summer cottages” and the families who owned them. Includes admission to your choice of The Breakers, Marble House, Kingscote, Rosecliff, Chateau Sur Mer, The Elms, or Chepstow.
  • Colonial Newport Tour

    3 Hours
    Colonial Newport Tour
    3 Hours
    Newport, the most historically intact city in America, boasts the largest number of pre–revolutionary buildings. Sit back and let us take you through the neighborhoods of what was once one of the richest, most successful colonies. This tour introduces you to the significant sites where our history was made. Includes admission/donation to your choice of the Redwood Library & Trinity Church or Touro Synagogue.
  • Custom Tour

    2–8 Hours
    Custom Tours
    Although all of our tours are customized to fit your needs, we are also able to work with you to build your tour from start to finish. Many people choose to visit more than one site, or combine elements from all three of our sample tours.

    Examples of recent custom tours include:

    A morning spent on Colonial Newport, a visit to the Touro Synagogue, a break for lunch, an afternoon committed to Newport's rich Gilded Age history including a tour of the Breakers. (Six hour tour plus one–hour break for lunch)

    A morning spent on any of our sample tours, a break for lunch, an afternoon stroll on the Cliff Walk with a visit to the Breakers (Six hour tour plus one–hour break for lunch)

    A Queen of Resorts Tour with a visit to the Marble House, followed by a “Behind the Servants” Tour at the Elms. (Four hour tour)

    An overview of Newport with a focus on Film, Military, Writers or Sports. (Three hour tour)

Our Vehicles

Whatever size your group, we have the perfect vehicle for you

All of our late–model vehicles are impeccably maintained and driven by highly qualified professionals

  • Sienna Minivan
    Our primary vehicle is a Sienna minivan with seating for six passengers, a full leather interior, captain's chairs in the second row, and tremendous visibility for all passengers.
  • Mercedes–Benz S550
    For one to three passengers, you can opt for our Mercedes–Benz S550, a classic luxury vehicle.
  • 10 Passenger Limousine
    When only a limo will do, we offer a 10 passenger, 5 door limo, with a refreshment area and leather seating.

  • 12 Passenger Executive Van
    We offer a 12 passenger executive van with large windows and leather seats. This is the perfect touring vehicle for mid sized groups.

  • 25 Passenger Luxury Coach
    For larger groups, we offer a 25 passenger luxury coach which has unique, wrap-around leather seats that provide the utmost comfort
  • 36 Passenger Executive Coach
    Our largest vehicle, a 36 passenger executive coach, offers huge windows and plush leather seats—a far cry from the trolleys used by others

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